Through the Ages:
New Leaders and Wonders

Build 16 new breathtaking wonders.

From hot sands of Colosseum to windy heights of Empire State Building, discover the beauty and timeless might of new wonders from all around the globe.

Choose from 24 new and powerful leaders to guide your civilization.

These fearless personalities bring new mechanisms and strategies to the table, and let you choose a leader that fits your own plans and style of play.

Military cards
Utilize 16 new military cards to gain advantage over your opponents.

Wars, pacts, tactics, events – use them all carefully for the tide might turn at any moment.

Enjoy some rebalanced cards from the base game for even better playthrough.

After analyzing thousands of digital games, we've decided to update some of the cards from the base game.

Expansion box

Play only with the expansion cards, or have a more unique game experience with every game by creating a random mix of base game and expansion cards.

Create a civilization that lasts for centuries!

Play now digitally on all major platforms, or get the board game expansion!

Designer's notes

Through the Ages: Take your chance to make history.
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